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Oak is synonymous with England, a symbol of strength and grandeur, so it is not surprising the Oak tree was the hiding place of choice for a certain king while trying to regain his throne.

In 1649, after the execution of his father, King Charles I at the hands of the Oliver Cromwell’s Parliamentarians, Charles II raised an army in a brave attempt to overturn what was now the republic ‘Commonwealth of England’.

It was at the battle of Worcester in 1651, the final battle of the civil war, that Charles’ army was defeated and he was forced into hiding. Perhaps the most famous of his hiding places was in an Oak tree in the grounds of Boscobel House, where he successfully eluded a Parliamentarian patrol. He went on to escape back to Scotland where he was still a king.

Charles remained in exile until 1660 when he was invited back to England to reclaim his throne.

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