Made in Bath

Have you ever wondered what is being made by someone near you? Is there a craftsman just around the corner creating beautiful objects? Well thankfully a design studio in Bath asked that question, and then really chased the answer…

All I can say is thank you Mytton Williams and Opal Print for thinking that exact thing, and deciding to do something about it.  They searched out 18 ‘makers’ in and around Bath, from 18 different crafts, and then interviewed each one separately and brought them all together in a specially printed, beautifully bound book.

I was one of the lucky 18 to be chosen and working closely with Bob Mytton and his team (huge thanks to Hannah Lee!) interviews were carried out over 18 months to bring together the resulting book.

Mytton Williams Made in Bath  Mytton Williams Made in Bath

Made in Bath is a new book about the dynamic spirit of makers in and around Bath, sharing the stories of modern-day creatives, craftspeople, engineers and innovators, pushing boundaries around the world.

Mytton Williams alongside Opal Print spoke to 21st-century craftsmen and women to find out what makes them tick. Whatever they were making  – enormous structures or small ceramics, sweet music or sourdough, sleek interiors or towering gardens – they wanted to meet the people who believe in quality and bring joy and passion to their work and their customers.

Made in Bath is a snapshot of Bath today – not just a heritage site, but a hotbed of ideas and ceaseless energy, with a culture of creativity and craftsmanship.  The book celebrates Bath-based makers who share a philosophy of doing things well, and take great pride in their work.

Mytton Williams Made in Bath

Mytton Williams Made in Bath

Made in Bath is available to purchase from Amazon


The 18:-

Avenida Home – Selling tableware worldwide

Bertinet Bakery – Real bread every day

Brooklin Models – Craftsmanship at 1/43 scale

Carole Pearson – Artistic interpretations

Charlie Caffyn – Handcrafted furniture

Cross – High-performance engineering

Electric Bear Brewing – Craft beer

Format Engineers – Design, art and mathematics

George Bayntun Bindery – Fine binding and rare books

Grant Associates – Making intelligent landscapes

Henny & Joe’s – Masala chai syrup

I Love Colours Studio – Interiors to suit personalities

International Magic – Digital narratives and experiences

Maria Wojdat – Contemporary ceramics

Moulton Bicycles – Small-wheeled marvels

Real World Studios – Collaborative music making

Rotork – Keeping the world flowing

Studio Spilsbury – Drawing with ink, spit and glue


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